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Mon, 11 Jun 2007

Summer of Code

June is the last month before summer holidays, and at this phase in my study, courses take a lot of time: practical assignments, seminars to give, multiple exams. And mid-June, I'll be attending DebConf in Edinburgh, including delivering a talk about Mole, the subject of my Google Summer of Code project.

In the period of April/May students participating in the Summer of Code project had the time to get more familiar with the project they were going to work for. Because I'm already somewhat familiar with Debian, I opted to organize an Etch release party together with some friends, because, well, what better way is there to get to know the community?

During the past two weeks I've been really starting with the project. I updated the wiki page, added a new development page where I keep track of my work – listing the subtasks I'm working on and their status. The first month will be mostly work on the internals, but starting with the second month I'll also be working on the web interface, meaning that there should be some stuff to show off.

At the moment I'm refactoring some bits of Mole that are currently implemented in a hacky way, in order to make it all as extensible as it should be. This includes defining a config file format for mole tables, so that it's no longer necessary to modify the python code for new tables. It also involves some better way of stacking tables to each other, so that the package file extraction code can be moved away from the core of mole into a separate worker – to keep mole itself pure and simple – and generally applicable.

I'll post irregular updates to my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of you again this Thursday, when I'll arrive in EDI!

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