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Sat, 31 Mar 2007

40 minutes

Yesterday I had one of the more stressful and eventful 40 minutes of my life... events basicly initiated by the fact that I arrived at Schiphol airport 40 minutes before my plane was scheduled to take off.

The first thing I noticed was that the queue for security extended beyond the check-in desks next to it, so just that bit would probably take more than fourty minutes. Oops. What are all those people doing flying out on friday noons?

Second thing I couldn't help to notice is that the check-in desk was actually already closed, double-oops. Well, the lady that was sitting there anyone concluded after a phonecall that my bag was fine as hand luggage and so that I could still make it. She also queue-jumped me straight to the security X-ray machine and ordered me to run from there on. Well, not so fast, running through security isn't appreciated. Actually, since I planned to check-in this bag, I kind of violated this whole anti-liquor^Wliquid silliness with no less than 7 items. The guy that unpacked my luggage let me keep my lenses fluid, and forgot to notice 3 of the items, so damage was limited, and I proceeded with my explosives, I mean, toothpaste and such, to the gate.

In my hurry to run to the gate, I put my boarding pass in my pocket... and upon arrival at the gate, I noticed my boarding pass was gone, so I went ask some lady at the desk there about it... and overheard the guy next to her, who was on the phone, mention my last name. "Someone found your passport".

Turns out they also had my boarding pass, but I appreciated knowing where my passport was anyway, since obviously I didn't have it on me anymore either. So within a minute I was running off again to a different gate to pick up those two sort-of-important items. You'd say that after having once seen my plane taxi away from an empty gate – upon returning there from picking up my boarding pass from lost&found for the second time that very morning – would've taught me a lesson... But apparantly not.

Back at the gate I was getting past the boarding pass checkpoint, and the person over there saw my pass, and said "Hey, so you're that guy that a bit ago lost this and that at the security checkpoint?" Since that happened at the other end of the airport, gossip must be going pretty fast at Schiphol...

At least I've never showed up at the airport at the wrong date (unlike two of my friends I'm meeting over here managed to do each independently)...


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