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Thu, 27 Apr 2006

Laptop back

Yesterday, the mailman delivered back my 'new' thinkpad from the IBM warranty repair in England, with a repaired LCD screen (connector?). On the results sheet they also ticked the 'cleaned' box, and one can see that. It looks much better then when I bought this T41 second-hand less than a month ago — it's now as if it's new. Maybe I should break something in my laptop more often ;).

Now I gotta fix my wireless, so that I can combine sitting outside in the sun (when it dares coming back) with working on stuff. I seem to be unable to get 'ad-hoc' mode wireless to work, for some reason. Unfortunately the wireless in my server doesn't support "master" (AP) mode, so I'm now opting for having my server connect as client to my laptop (which can act as AP) automatically, instead of the other way around. Oh well, as long as it works.

So much to do before leaving for Mexico... And upcoming weekend it's also Koninginnedag, so won't have much time in my last weekend in the Netherlands either. My flatmates gave me last friday a tourist book about Mexico (I gave a late birthday party), which I'm currently reading. And... last night I got mail that my ticket is arranged (in the same hour as that I took a tequilla on the bi-annual FullHouse student party, coincidence?). Thanks a lot to all involved for making this possible, and see you in Mexico!

PS: Happy birthday, Steve

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